Das logische Bild der Tatsache ist der Gedanke (A logical picture of facts is a thought)

Yuuki's Photos @ MobileMe

I've been taking few photos on my iPhone, but wasn't quite sure what the best way of putting them up on the Web would be. But rather than holding them off, I decided to just put them up on my MobileMe Gallery page, at least for the time being.

I upload photos to the "My Life in Oxford" album frequently, and if I take more than a few on one occasion I'll put them together in an 'event' album. These should give you some idea of my life in Oxford.

Note: two photos in the matriculation album are taken by Fr. M. S. -- I put them in without her permission, because they are quite nice.

And this one is by Hr. E. V.:

(On the matriculation day, when everyone lined up for a group picutre, I was able to confirm that I am the shortest male incoming Mertonian (including undergraduates) this year. This is such a honour.)

Two shortcomings of MobileMe Gallery: (1) it's not terribly friendly to non-Safari browsers; (2) I can't add notes or comments either on individual photos or albums.

Some advantages: (1) It's easy and quite fast, if you use Safari; (2) access won't be restricted to the members of a particular SNS; (3) RSS subscription; (4) it's an Apple product.

When I get my new MacBook (if I do get it...), things will be even better. Let's hope my real work gets done as well...

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